You order,
we execute

We deliver not only your cargo, but also best logistic solutions.

We get to know and listen carefully to the needs of the local environment, which is how we know what is important for our partners.



  • We arrange and plan

    Appropriate planning of activities is the basis of our everyday work. Every day we look for new better solutions which give satisfaction both to our clients and ourselves. After all, we like doing good things.

  • We execute

    There’s strength in numbers! Our team consists of people who are passionate about their work. Clear division of responsibilities and atmosphere of cooperation allow us to achieve the desired goals and pursue business objectives.

  • We evaluate and draw conclusions

    We always analyze every project we complete. We appreciate independence which gives rise to new solutions, but we also remember that their value is subject to our partners’ and our own assessment. In the numbers we find answers to where we were, what work we have performed and what were are trying to achieve.


Mobile reloading points

  • Big blocks

    = big fun

    Our modules are assembled quickly and inexpensively. It takes us 14 days to set up the logistic infrastructure which can be flexibly expanded or moved in the next 2 weeks. We are second to none in this game.

  • Flexible and tailored to your needs

    and tailored to your needs

    Our offer is adapted to the needs of our clients. Every time we analyze what model of operation will work in a given case. This is the reason why we enjoy full confidence of our partners and they gladly place new orders with us.

LTL Thermo

Presentation 2020


Multiple uses

Our “blocks” surprise with their functionality and are never boring. Today – a warehouse, tomorrow – parcel locker for large items, and in the future… We are open to new possibilities. 😉


In other words, how do we do it?

LTL-Thermo means:

  • Low own costs of airport use
  • Maximum use of cargo space
  • Limited number of employees (drivers are responsible for the majority of processes)
  • 24/7 availability
  • Large-sized parcel locker
  • For commercial and private use
  • Testing new locations at low prices (mobile solutions)
  • Deliveries to the end client* (by drones). *Solution tested in northern Sweden in our logistics facility in a sparsely-populated area
  • Potential adaptation of modules for self-service shops and showrooms

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